Monthly Archives: August 2013

#5 Nice Guys Finish Last…

It’s quite a neat, simple, catch-all statement isn’t it? But I must admit that I probably don’t take this quote in the way in which GreenDay meant it.

I’d like to class my self as a ‘Nice Guy’. I see this as a positive.

By Nice Guy, I don’t mean a wimp, wuss or pushover. I mean someone who is nice to others. Someone who is pleasant. Who may very well put the needs of others first, but because it’s the right thing to do in that situation, not because he’s a doormat.

If life is a competition, then I’m happy to finish last. I wouldn’t want to finish first while behaving like a twat. As I always say, the journey is more important than the destination anyway.

Nice guys may finish last. But they do finish. And they’ve probably helped someone out along the way, making their achievement all the greater in my eyes.