#2 Why do we fall?

I always wonder whether we prefer the Superhero, or their alter ego. Is Bruce Wayne cooler than Batman? Would we rather be Tony Stark or Iron Man? Is there something of Clark Kent to which we can all relate, as opposed to his Super powers, which none of us have?

Anyway, one line stuck with me when I watched the (new) Batman films:

Why do we fall, sir?
So that we might learn to pick ourselves up.

What matters is not why we fall, or fail, but how we respond to such things. Do we lie on the floor rolling around like Italian footballers, expecting the magic sponge treatment each time? Or do we get up, dust ourselves off and continue on our journey with even more enthusiasm than before, trying to learn and avoid the same potholes in the future?

How we fall sometimes isn’t up to us. How we react is.


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