#1 You Know My Name

I was thinking of writing some sort of ‘Letter to my Son’, being as I had one 11 weeks ago. Then I started jotting ideas down and realised that pretty much all of the memorable advice I’ve had has been lines in films, books and songs. Basically, due to my complete lack of original ideas, I scrapped it and decided to write posts based on these quotes instead. Maybe he’ll read this blog in the future anyway.

Not sure yet how many there’ll be. I might find enough for a year’s worth of weekly posts or, knowing me, I’ll start thinking that this is all a bit crap after the first three.

So, first up:

If you think you’ve won you never saw me change
The game that we have been playing
‘ You Know My Name, Chris Cornell.

(There was always going to be some James Bond reference wasn’t there? I can’t guarantee that this will be the last)

You can only lose a game if you’re playing the same rules as everyone else. ‘Success’ to one man is a fancy suit, an even fancier car, and a big job making tons of money. Whilst to another it may be having no need for lots of money, but being able to grow his own vegetables and becoming as self-sufficient as he can.

How can you judge their relevant successes against one another?

You can’t be beaten by anyone if you’re not playing their game. Everyone’s game is different, let them play theirs, you play your own. It’s the only way to win.


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