Remember, remember…

…Why we did Movember.

Well done everyone. For growing those magnificent lip-warmers, the undernose caterpillars, the crumb-stashers and the upper merkins.

To those sporting a variety of styles: The Mexican Bandit, The twenties Gent, The Sex Offender and, to a lesser extent, The Hitler.

Many men grew moustaches this month. A hearty congratulations if you did. Even bigger accolades must go to your long-suffering partners who braved your face to kiss you goodnight during your quest. And a big thank you to all who donated to the worthy cause.

The good thing about Movember is that it brings to the forefront of our mind those things that are all to often overlooked for too long. Men, at least stereotypically, are less likely to see a doctor when something ‘may’ be wrong. It is somehow not seen as a manly thing to do. But what could be more manly than, having identified a problem, taking appropriate action to rectify it?

There is some information on prostate & testicular cancer here, but a quick Google search would provide the same, if not better results. Albeit with rather scary pictures no doubt. Basically, get to know your balls and check that they haven’t changed shape or grown lumps every now & again. And if you’re getting up more often to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, check it out with the doctor.

The success rate for treatment for both of these illnesses is high if caught early enough.

In the meantime, here’s my MoBro donation page, should you feel the need.

And here’s another pic of my attempt as a lasting image for you:


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