30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XXVII

I’m glad you chose to read this. That you weren’t forced at gunpoint to click on the link. That, hopefully, you didn’t injure your index finger while clicking the mouse. It’s ok though, you could probably sue the mouse-makers as it’s probably their fault that you weren’t warned. Or even me, for not telling you that by reading this on your smart phone while walking you could fall down a manhole.

People should take responsibility for themselves.

Coffee made with hot water is going to be hot.
Packets of nuts are going to contain nuts.
Eating 17 Big Mac meals a day will make you fat.

Seriously, stating the bleeding obvious has become the norm on packages and warning signs. All because people are too willing, and it is far too easy, to blame someone else.

As William Ernest Henley said in hie poem, Invictus:

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Yes, he bloody well was.

And so should you be.


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