30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XXVI

I don’t really have much to back up today’s post. Not much by way of ‘evidence’ anyway.

Trust your gut.

Sometimes, you just know. You know the right decision to make. Whether something ‘feels’ right or not.

Sometimes this is based on prior knowledge. Possibly something you only know, or recognise, subconsciously. In the cases of experts, they are so well educated in a field that they can tell immediately, almost without thinking, whether something looks right or not.

This is explored more fully in Malcolm Gladwell’s
Blink, in which he explores those things we ‘know’ without thinking about. That, sometimes, these gut feelings can be traced back to prior knowledge.

I think, it’s also important to recognise these gut reactions and differentiate them from mere impulses. Things we think we know, or want, from actual ‘gut feelings’. Like the difference between thinking you’ve seen something before, then actually experiencing a ‘deja vu’. You know there is a difference, but it’s difficult to explain.

So, I think what I’m trying to say is that trusting your gut is good. But only when you know your gut’s making the right choice. Simple, eh?


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