30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XXII

Before I scare anyone off, this is not a post about religious views. I’m not going to say whose faith is correct or incorrect, or tell you what you should believe. That is a very personal choice and is influenced by many factors. You choose, and you have the right to change your mind too.

But , I will say this:

Be like Jesus, not like his followers

(First of all, credit to this Awesome blog for this particular quote)

Let’s face it, regardless of what you believe (apparently there is historical evidence for his existence, though not much to back up his divinity), in the stories about him, Jesus was a badass.

He was a Jew, but didn’t stick to what they did. He questioned authority. When faced with prejudices, in a massive flick of the Vs to the ‘respected’ ones, he went and ate with those who were being persecuted. He didn’t conform with the dogma and ‘rules’ of the culture into which he had been born. He concentrated on doing good, and on being kind to the people who needed kindness the most. Essentially, he managed to boil the whole lot down into (how it is commonly phrased) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
(Also know as The Golden Rule).

Bloody Genius.

As Bill S. Preston, Esq stated, ‘Be excellent to each other’.

Simple, concise, effective.

However, it would seem that, somewhere along the way, a lot of those who believe in this chap (Jesus that is, not Bill), and his dad, who may or may not have been the same person (it gets complicated if you think about it for too long), have forgotten, or casually ignore, how he behaved.

Wars are fought ‘in his name’. People are slaughtered because they believe a slightly different person’s take on history. For goodness sake, people kill each other because they worship exactly the same thing, but in a slightly different way. In a less radical way, people go to church, then spend their time there gossiping about and judging others. Nice one. I’m sure that’s what your God wanted you to do.

Absolutely, mind-bogglingly, batshit-crazy, ridiculous.

So, be like Jesus, be excellent. And, as James Dean Bradfield says at the end of gigs, ‘May your Gods go with you’.


One response to “30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XXII

  1. Excellent. I hope I can be a bit more like Jesus. (Or failing that, Dr Who.)
    (serve with a pinch of salt)

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