30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XXI

Ok, I might as well be making these Roman numerals up now. I’m not even sure they’re right, I doubt whether anyone else can tell, let alone really be arsed to pull me up on it should they be wrong.

Anyway, this should be number twenty one. Which, by the power of maths, means I will be 30 in 10 days. Seems a bit close now. But still, if you believe such stories, a divine being has been reported as having created the entire universe in less time. So I probably have time to fit a little more fun stuff into my Twenties. Good-oh.

So, we’ve established that I’m getting older. Thanks for bringing it up again.

People’s tastes change over time

I didn’t used to like rice pudding as a child. Now, it’s ok. As an adult, I have tried everything I didn’t like when I was younger again, just to be sure. Turns out, I now like most of the stuff I didn’t. Although I never was much of a fussy eater. I still don’t like cream. Or liquorice. Bleugh. But I’ve given them a second, and a third, go, just to be on the safe side. What a shame if you go through your whole life avoiding something because you used to not like it. We all change.

In school, as a male, you weren’t supposed to like Take That. Those were the rules. So obviously, I didn’t. Since becoming a little older, I quite like them. I may have even sung along to one or two of their songs on Singstar in a field in Devon. I wouldn’t recommend this though, they are quite high.

A lot of children don’t like Shakespeare. They are made to read, perform or study his work in school and are therefore, quite understandably, put off. But, go to the theatre of your own accord and watch one and you could be hooked. Plus, one of them has a character called ‘Bottom’ (snigger).

Don’t write things off because you once didn’t like them. Give them another shot with an open mind. You may find something new to enjoy in life.


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