30 Things I’ve learnt – Part XVII

Mainly thought up while being badgered by friends about what today’s post was going to be about.

If you want to accomplish something, tell other people you’re doing it

Whether it be quitting smoking, losing weight, or having a silly idea about writing 30 posts in 30 days, having others there to hold you to it is a great motivating tool.

Accountability, not losing face, and having a helping hand from friends can really help you achieve a goal.

As the Beatles once said, ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’. Or perhaps persevering is aided by the threat of friendly ridicule should you quit.

Other ideas for this post included:

  • How the best way to improve Star Wars is not by making a 3D version, but by digitally adding Chuck Norris to it (George Lucas, get on it).
  • Whether posting after midnight still counts as the same day if you haven’t gone to sleep (given that it’s now 12.13am and I’m writing ‘today’s’ post, it definitely does).
  • Having drunk friends suggest possible things to write about may not be the best idea…
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