30 Things I’ve learnt – Part X

Unlike Malcolm X, this one (Post X), is not going to tell you that one way is correct.

Opinions are just that: Opinions

We all have some. Some are stronger than others. Some are generally seen as ‘wrong’. A lot may be slightly different to yours.

But don’t take offence. Don’t assume that people want/need to hear what you think about the subject. Don’t assume that your opinion is more correct than someone else’s. Equally, don’t assume that yours is of any less worth.

Banter is one thing (which is only ‘banter’ if both parties are willing, by the way), but arguing over opinions is useless. A discussion is fine if you have valid reasons and are open to the valid reasons of others. But keep it to that.

This obviously doesn’t count if the opinion says that anyone is better than anyone else for being of a different colour, gender, etc. They are wrong.

Also if you don’t like Steps. You are wrong. They were fucking genius.


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