30 Things I’ve learnt – Part IX

This is starting to test my Roman numerals skills now. I should’ve just used numbers, but somehow this method seemed more grandiose and pretentious. Now I’ve started, so I’ll finish, as Magnus Magnusson used to say. I imagine this was how the Superbowl organisers felt once they’d hit Superbowl IX – ‘Which jackass thought this would be a good idea?! What happens when it’s Superbowl three hundred and seventy six? It’s gonna take people until the halftime show to figure out which Superbowl they’re at!’ Although if, like this year, it’s Madonna, you’d probably rather be working out Roman numerals rather than having to endure it.

I digress.

Be sincere.

Don’t do things begrudgingly. Don’t say yes, then moan about it. Don’t be overly friendly to someone’s face, but bitch behind their back. Help people, not because you want something back from them, or feel it’s your duty, but because sometimes altruism is healthy.

It’s nice to be nice. Especially when you mean it.


One response to “30 Things I’ve learnt – Part IX

  1. A good one. Integrity is important.

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