30 Things I’ve learnt – Part II

Now, as I’ve said, these are things I’ve learnt. While I’ve learnt that they are generally true, it doesn’t always mean that I remember them at all times. This one, for example, is still something I struggle with:

No one is thinking/speaking about you as much as you think they are.

Indeed. Yet I still sometimes assume (always a troublesome thing to do) that people who are whispering amongst themselves are probably doing so about me. That I’ve done something wrong of which I am unaware.

But that’s something I’m trying to do less because worrying about it isn’t helpful, even if they are!

I mean, if you’re chatting to someone right now, then they probably have you in their mind a little. Or if you’re doing a naked dance in front of someone then they’re almost definitely not thinking about much else. If they are, you’re probably doing it wrong.

I’m almost certainly not thinking about you at this very moment, I’m more likely thinking about sandwiches. And I doubt that any major terrorist groups are thinking specifically about you. So that’s probably a good thing. Unless you’ve recently submitted an application form to become a member of one.

In other words, don’t worry about it.

I should reference How To Get A Grip here, as that’s where I read it first. It’s also a good read, if you like that sort of thing.


2 responses to “30 Things I’ve learnt – Part II

  1. Coincidence you should write this, cos I was just thinking of you. I was filling in this terrorist application form, and I thought, I know, Aled would be interested in this.

    Stuck on question 10, Do you smoke?
    Why would the People’s Front of Judea need to know that anyway..

  2. Just so you know, when you’re dancing naked in front of me, I’m thinking of Andy.

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