30 Things I’ve learnt – Part I

I turn 30 in 30 days. I know, I don’t look it. So, to celebrate me reaching this glorious milestone I shall post a lesson learnt every day for those 30 days.

Now, these are things that are true for me. They may not apply to everyone (some do) and are almost definitely not backed up by any other research (again, some obviously are) other than my own subjective views, thoughts & experiences.

Some will be glaringly obvious. some will be philosophical (ish). Some may possibly make no sense, mainly as, currently, I have about 23 of them thought through.

So, we’ll begin with number one:

Smoking is bad for you
(See, I told you some would be glaringly obvious)

No arguing, it just bloody is. You may search the web for your own statistics on this one, there are plenty. But if you want to die, of a multitude of different diseases (maybe not all at the same time), and before you would normally do so, then smoking’s the way forward.

Yes, it looks cool. Yes, it can relieve boredom. Yes, it’s difficult to give up. But, you’ll stink, possibly make others ill and will die sooner having a crappy last few years of your life to boot.

Just say no, kids.

Coming up: even more pearls of wisdom!


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