New Zealand

Ok. Now, I understand that my last post involved my reporting on the awesomeness that was South Africa. So why exactly am I now writing a new post entitled New Zealand? Well, as it turns out, I am going to New Zealand! (You’d already got that, hadn’t you?)

You can stop being jealous now. Actually, after the holiday I shall have no money and only 18 days leave to last me until next December, so it’s not all good news!

After the South African holiday which was faily meticulously planned, we’re pretty much winging this one! So far we’ve booked the flights, a hotel for the first 2 nights, a campervan and tickets for 2 rugby matches! I have been looking at our map of New Zealand for a bit, but that may just have been due to my unhealthy obsession with maps.

So. Vague plan:

  • Fly into Wellington.
  • Pick up Rugby tickets.
  • Watch Wales beat South Africa in our opening World Cup match (optimistic but not fantastical!)
  • Get campervan
  • Drive through the North Island
  • Maybe catch another match at some point, if our route coincides with any others
  • Get to Hamilton
  • Watch Wales beat Samoa (realistic)
  • Go to Auckland for a few days
  • Fly home

Also I’ll have to go for a few runs whilst we are there (I know it didn’t happen in South Africa, but I’ve got the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest race a week after we get back and the Cardiff Half Marathon 2 weeks after that, so I have to do something over there!). We are also going to visit a few of the Lord of the Rings sites including, possibly, camping at the foot of Mount Doom! Awesome!

So two more sleeps (possibly filled with dreams of hobbits playing rugby in a campervan) and we’ll be off!


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