South Africa!

In 4 days time I will be flying to South Africa!

Excited? Moi?

Things I am hoping to do:

  • Go to my friends’ wedding. Which is technically the reason we’re going to South Africa in the first place! They’re getting married on a lodge (safari, not masonic) on which we’ll be staying for a few nights. Amazing.
  • See some wild animals. Proper ones, not just stray cats. Some lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!). Well, maybe not bears. I’m not sure they have them in Africa.
  • Climb Table Mountain. This is something I really, really, really, really want to do! But it is dependent on: a) other people wanting to do it with me as it may not be safe as an individual and b) the weather being nice. Apparently, if the cable car runs, then it’s ok to walk.
  • Relax
  • Go for a couple of runs. Seriously, how awesome would that sound, ‘Yeah, I went to South Africa, went for a run on the beach, I’m cool like that…’? Three of us (who are all doing the Cardiff Half Marathon in the Autumn) are taking our gear with us. We will have to run at the slowest person’s pace though (i.e. me).

Things I am hoping not to do:

  • Get mugged/killed/eaten by said wild animals. Or mugged/killed/eaten by anything else, come to think of it.

We’re flying overnight, so I should be able to sleep and then wake up fresh in Cape Town. However, I do tend to get rather excited on planes (Free food! Films! A MAP!), so I’ll have to be disciplined and make sure I get some sleep on the way over.

Anyone been? Any tips/advice?


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