Monthly Archives: June 2011

Life and Death

I learnt today (after a few days off work, which I’ll tell you about again) of the death of a colleague. She had been battling cancer for a while, but sadly passed away on Monday morning.

She was 32.

This is not the age at which people are supposed to die.

Remember how fragile life is. Remember to live it while you still have it. It could always be worse. Laugh. A lot. Be nice to people. It doesn’t take much effort. Do good things.
Enjoy yourself.


Cheer up!

How are you today? Bit tired? Slightly hungover? The weather’s a bit rubbish isn’t it? Oh, and that top you really wanted to wear isn’t ironed. It’s enough to make you, well, grumpy, isn’t it?
And yet…
Have you ever noticed the attitudes of people who are genuinely suffering? Those diagnosed with cancer. The ones who’ve just had a heart attack.

The ones who have realised the genuine fragility of their own lives, and life in general, are the ones who manage to smile through the day (not to mention the pain).

You are going to die.

(If it helps, you may imagine that Brad Pitt is saying this with a gun to the back of your head)

This essential fact is casually ignored by the majority of people. We act like we’re going to live forever. As if we have all the time in the world to tell people that we love them. That we’ll get round to enjoying ourselves tomorrow.

We’re not here for very long as it is. Be nice to people. Be nice to yourself. Enjoy the journey.

Smile, breathe and go slowly”, Thich Nhat Hanh.