Time off

Today is my last day in work before I get 11 days off. There’s lovely, eh? Especially as I’ve actually only had to take 2 leave days to get it. Good ol’ Royal Weddings.

My plans, should you wish to know, are to:

·         Watch some rugby

·         Fell some trees

·         Play football in the park

·         Do some running – I have a 5 mile race coming up on the Bank Holiday for which I am woefully underprepared.

·         Drink beer – I gave it up (under duress) for ‘lent’. I also gave up cheese with my wife, which was far more difficult for her as she is a vegetarian (albeit one that eats fish). I’ve missed pizza.

·         Meet up with friends

·         Do some ‘sorting out of stuff’ that I’ve been putting off for ages – boring paperwork, etc.

·         Wait, as patiently as possible, for the BT man to finally fix our broadband. We’ve had internet access in our new house for 1 night out of the last 4 months.

So there we have it. Not thrilling, but hopefully relaxing. How about you?


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