Catch up

I think it’s about time for some catch-up, don’t you?

Since last time you heard from me (contemplating the crapness of the world) I haven’t done much, but I shall tell you anyway!

I have (with a little help from my Father and my Father in law) built my wife a vegetable patch:


I’m very proud of it. I believe the plan is to grow some pumpkins, butternut squash and courgettes. It was a really good day, bonding with the Dad, sawing & hammering. I figure that hitting me with a sledgehammer was his own subtle way of bonding with me too.  I still have a bruise. But then, I do bruise like a peach.

I also got a bit miserable. I’m not exactly sure why. A combination of internal and external factors just getting a bit much, I think. So to get out of the slump, I stopped being miserable and am now awesome instead.

I also bought a camera. A Canon Eos 500D digital SLR, to be precise. It’s cracking. I can’t, however, show you any photos that I’ve taken with it just yet as the internet in our house is still not working, which is annoying. But, safe to say, any photos I would normally take on my phone look roughly 342 times better taken on my new camera! I shall upload soon (hopefully)!


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