Monthly Archives: March 2011


There is so much crap happening at the moment. Political uprisings, wars, massacres & disasters are occurring all over the world. People I know, personally, are dying.
Are these things happening more regularly?
As I’m getting older are more people I know likely to be diagnosed with life-threatening/terminal illnesses? Or am I being told about them more often?
Am I paying more attention to the news, on tv, in newspapers, or via the internet? Is it ‘easier’ to find out about disasters & wars? Are we being told about them more than we were?
Or is there genuinely more crap happening? Is it going to get worse over time?
I can see that, as I (and my friends/contemporaries) age, we’ll be more likely to die within a certain timeframe (‘On a long enough timeline, the
survival rate for everyone drops to zero’ – Fight Club). But globally? I don’t know.
Which is worse, the certainty, or the uncertainty?


Sport, drinking, eating & fire!

Well, I didn’t really keep my promise about blogging twice last week, did I? Sorry about that. Will rectify things with a double week soon!

Cracking weekend last weekend. I ended up going to a testimonial dinner for Dafydd Jones (he sat on our table!) which also saw Ryan Jones & Shane Williams make appearances. I got to meet them all and, despite trying to be cool, I had to have a photo with them!


Very nice guys, and very funny too.

Saturday involved us having a quiet-ish morning, then went to the local rugby club for a surprise gathering put together by the boys for my father in law’s 60th birthday. Few pints and a buffet, can’t go far wrong!

Sunday was lovely. It was helped by Liverpool beating Manchester Utd in the afternoon! We then went for a walk and collected some firewood for our new fire! We had a chimneysweep out to clean the chimney and we now have a proper fireplace! Looking forward to getting a big axe now to complete the look: