Birthday boy

So, I am now 29. Not, as it turns out, too dissimilar from being 28 it has to be said.

I had a lovely birthday. We went out to watch Paul in the cinema, which was really good. Not quite up to Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead standards, but still a fun film. Then out for pizza, drinks & dancing. Good stuff. Although I did get ambushed by party poppers:


I then spent the rest of the weekend watching rugby, playing golf and sitting. I got lots of lovely books, DVDs, CDs and some clothes too. Lucky boy.

I decided to try my hand at the old 365 Days project in Flickr. I’ve tried it once before, but got about a third of the way in and forgot to continue. Must try harder this time!

I also realise that ‘technically’ I didn’t blog last week. But I shall make up for this by blogging twice this week! I had started planning a good one, but then got distracted by my birthday and the like, so it went on the backburner. Hopefully I’ll get it out there by Friday.


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