6 Nations, week 2

Well, my predictions for last week weren’t up to much, were they? Scotland and Italy both performed much better than expected. Wales less so. I would now discount Ireland from the running for champions (a week after saying they would win it?! Crazy!), mainly due to me still believing that Italy is be where the points scored should make a difference. Both England and France should be able to put a few past them and, as such, should have a much higher points difference than Ireland at the end. Having said that, the match on Sunday could be pivotal and it could really make things interesting if Ireland could take advantage of the home crowd’s support and pull a win out of the bag.

So, as for predictions, I’ll go for the easiest first. England will wallop Italy at Twickenham. Simple as. England are on the up, they are confident, Italy won’t be half as good away from home. England by 15.

I’m going to say that France will probably take advantage of an Ireland side that will be trying too hard to create chances that they failed to do last weekend. Could be tough to begin with, but as it opens up, France should be able to notch up the victory. France by 8.

This is where my lower lip may begin to tremble before my stupid optimism takes over. My head says that Wales are going into this match low on confidence and with James Hook playing in a pivotal role in which he hasn’t started this season. It could all fall apart. Scotland are getting harder to beat and are looking very promising. However, my heart is ignoring all logic and I’m going with a Welsh victory! Wales by 2.

Let’s see how off the mark I am this week, shall we?


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