Friday again, eh? I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. It’s the start of the 6 Nations! Come on Wales! England tonight for us. I HAVE A TICKET! I am very excited. So my weekend will be largely concerned with rugby. For what it’s worth, here are my predictions for this weekend and the tournament as a whole.

Wales v England

Possibly slightly swayed by my heart on this one, I’m going for a narrow Welsh victory. England haven’t won in Cardiff since 2003, so it’s been a while. With the Welsh crowd behind them in the stadium (me included – yes, I’m still excited!), it might be enough to give Wales the extra shove they need.

Italy v Ireland

I can’t see this going any other way than Ireland’s. Italy, after seemingly developing into competitors, not contenders you understand, have slipped a little recently. Ireland should walk this fairly comfortably. I’m going to also say that points against Italy could prove crucial in deciding the outcome of the championship as it could be very close this year.

France v Scotland

France is always a difficult place to go to and come away with a win. Scotland are starting to look like a good team, but I can’t see them overcoming France in Paris. As always, we never know what French team are going to turn up – the mercurial, skilful team, or the chokers. But they should grind out a victory on home turf.

As for the overall table, this is my prediction for the final tally:

1st – Ireland (Good start and nice run of fixtures)

2nd – England (Lose today, but grow during the tournament)

3rd – Wales (Or more likely 4th, but I don’t want to put that down!)

4th – France (See above comment)

5th – Scotland (Still not sure it’s their year quite yet)

6th – Italy (Wooden spoooooooooooon)


Do any of you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Do you agree/disagree with the predictions?


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