Off(side) with their heads!

Not sure how to start this, or indeed where it will end. But the Richard Keys/Andy Gray sexism furore needs commenting on.

Yes, they said stupid things. Yes, there are plenty of women who know the offside rule (and obviously plenty of men who don’t!). Yes, there is absolutely no reason why women cannot be referees or linesmen (Linespeople? Ah yes, Referee’s Assistants, that’s better). But I think it was the fact that they appear to be ‘repeat offenders’ that did for them in the end. The clip of Gray suggesting that his female co-host tuck his microphone wire in for him, could have been some sort of ‘banter’. But the look on her face suggests otherwise. ‘Banter’ like that is only fun if everyone’s in on the joke. It’s not if it’s at the expense of someone else who, quite obviously, doesn’t wish to be part of the joke.

Generalising and stereotyping are dangerous games to play. Sexism is the taking of stereotyping to the extreme, leading to the actual belief that one gender is greater than the other. There are differences, of course, but they do not preclude the possibility of women excelling at typically ‘male’ tasks, and vice versa.

I’m going to stop now before this turns into a rant about working in a largely female office and having to listen to those who appear to use ‘Huh, MEN!’ or ‘Typical man!’ as swear words.

And don’t get me started on Loose Women…


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