I did have a relatively relaxed weekend planned. But that has now been turned on its head. We have moved, you see. However, a lot of our stuff is in our old house, which we’re planning to rent out. So we’re in the new house, most of our stuff is still in our old house (for various reasons that aren’t particularly interesting). We were contacted yesterday by the letting agent to say that someone is coming on Monday to view the house. So it’s Action Stations all round. We shall be there for most of the weekend putting things in boxes, transporting said boxes, cleaning, dusting, hovering, painting, that sort of thing.

(One good thing to come from all of this is that we do get to order pizza while we’re there tonight, having taken all of our eating utensils with us to the new house!)

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be about what I’m doing this weekend. It’s about change. More specifically, my response to change. I’m fairly sure that I’m considered to be a reasonably laid back person.  But every now and again I get completely thrown by a change in plans. Most of the time, they’re not even big changes, or big plans. But I will have had it in my mind that something is going to happen, so much so that, when it doesn’t, it really throws me off kilter.

There was a King, according to legend, myth and proverb, who wanted his wise men to deliver an ultimate truth. Something that could be counted upon in all situations, at all times. After much deliberation they presented the King with a ring. Upon the ring was inscribed the mantra, ‘This too shall pass’. The King would look upon the ring, in good times and in bad, and realise that nothing was permanent. That whatever state he was in, it was transitory.

Things are always changing. It’s up to me to accept such things and move on, around and upwards.

I’m being philosophical today, aren’t I? Never mind. This too shall pass.


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