‘I wish I had a bottle…’

‘…right here in my pretty face, to wear the scars, to show from where I came.’  – Design For Life, Manic Street Preachers.

‘Do you wanna know how I got these scars?’ Well, the big one, anyway. My ‘best’ scar? From doing the ironing. Yes, that’s right, THE FUCKING IRONING! My other scars are pretty much all from scratching chicken pox spots as a child. I do have one from barbed wire though (drunken camping adventure looking for the sun – I know).


I’ve never been in a ‘proper’ fight. I’m sure I’d do ok, don’t get me wrong (or start anything!), but I’ve always been more of a talker than a fighter.

This almost turned into a ‘Isn’t it confusing to be a modern man?’ type of post. But it won’t. Because I’m not entirely sure how I feel. Which I suppose is the point.

How is Modern Man supposed to show his masculinity?


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