Half Marathon

This Sunday is the Cardiff Half Marathon, which I am running in aid of The British Heart Foundation (you can sponsor me here!). I’ve never run 13.1 miles before, so this is really exciting!

I started out with the sole aim of being able to complete the race. That is obviously still my base aim! When I signed up, after being inspired by two close friends who ran it last year, it asked for a predicted time. I put 2 hours 45 minutes. After training for a bit, being able to string more than 1 mile together, and figuring out how to run ‘properly’, I adjusted this to 2 hours 15 minutes. My last big run was 12.6 miles and took me 1 hour 59 minutes. So now, of course, my aim is 2 hours (chip time – start to finish, not race time – gun time to finish). I haven’t really told anyone this and, believe me, I will not be disappointed if it takes longer than this! It’s going to be really difficult to tell how the race is going to go on the day. I still can’t figure out how they are planning on getting 15,000 (I know!) people round Cardiff! So I’m hoping that the adrenalin on the day will balance out the slow start & jostling and I won’t be far off. I think, realistically, that I should be done somewhere in the 2 hours – 2 hours 10 minutes region.

My longest run has been the 12.6 miles one mentioned earlier. I wanted the race to be my first half marathon, so I haven’t covered the full distance yet. But I’m only half a mile short, so the distance shouldn’t be an issue.

I do have a few worries (not really worries, but things that are occupying my thoughts that I probably won’t know until race day):

  • How long will it take me to get accross the start line?! There are 14,999 other runners!
  • Will the drinks stations have cups or bottles?
  • What if I really need a wee (TMI?)?!
  • Should I wear a hat (pros – keeps sweat out of my eyes; cons – might be too warm)?
  • When should we leave the house? Sounds stupid, but last year it was bedlam in town and runners had to jump out of their car a mile from the start and run to get there in time!

along with various other silly things!

I’m figuring that the best thing will just be to enjoy it. Which is my motto for most things in life. So come Sunday morning, I shall put my running kit on, get into town, smile, and run!


2 responses to “Half Marathon

  1. Looking forward to this buddy.

    I am planning to be at at least 3 places along the course to cheer you on!

    I would go for a sweat head-band.

    Love you. X

    • I think Kate is planning a strategic operational plan on where people can stand to watch from the most places and cover as much of the route as possible!

      I reckon my Dad’s going to be on his own in Penarth!

      You can have a lie in, we run past your house! X

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