Bleeding Love

Yesterday I encountered the most dreaded and feared of all ailments – Runner’s Nipple.

I’m not sure that this is an official term, but it does appear to be widely recognised! I ran 10.2 miles, which is the longest I’ve ever run. It was raining, to which I have attributed a large portion of the blame. I looked down after dashing through my imaginary finishing line to see a reddish circle beginning on my shirt. A bleeding nipple. I didn’t notice at the time as I was actually enjoying (I know!) the running. But as soon as I did it began to sting. Then hurt like buggery (not that I’d know) in the shower afterwards!

But regardless of me attaining this highly sought after emblem, I was very pleased with having run over 10 miles for the first time in my life. Ever. I appear to be on course to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in just under 6 weeks time. Barring injury, race-cancellation, or an escaped bear mauling me as I go through Bute Park, I should be ok to run it all.

This is no time for half-arsedness, dammit. I WILL do it!

A few question for you ‘runners’ out there:

1) Food. Should I be looking for some sort of energy thing to eat during the race? I felt quite hungry at about mile 7 yesterday, but I had only eaten 2 crumpets a couple of hours beforehand.

2) Does one’s nipple toughen up, or is it now a ‘weak spot’ that I need to take extra care with (as if I don’t take enough already!)?

3) There are apparently 15,000 people doing the race! How on earth does that work?!


6 responses to “Bleeding Love

  1. OK, not that experienced, but I know about the nipples. I suffered this dreadful- especially in the rain (the loose clothing rubs them mental- extra bad in rain). Even Vasoline would not protect me. Friend from Twitter suggested a compression vest; I first tried with a rash vest from my wet suit/ surfing days- works a treat, so I have bought a Nike under vest. Expensive at £17, but no more bleeding nipples/ shower torture scenes.

    For food, I did the Bristol half on Sunday- my first- and use 2 energy gels, one at about 8 miles, one at about 11 miles. Whatever you do, make sure you are used to them before Cardiff!! CHANGE NOTHING ON THE DAY- not even which hand you wipe your arse with before. Seriosuly. Make sure you have evrything sussed out 2 weeks before- and change nothing.

    Bristol had 16,400 registered- amazing, like clock work. Just enjoy it, keep your eyes open, and run your race mate.

    Hope this helps!

    @simonpaddon (Twitter)

  2. Brilliant! Thanks, Simon.

    I was wearing a very flattering, tight top (!), but I think the rain loosened it slightly and made it rub more.

    I’ll have to look into those gel things. Tasty!

    Thank you so much for the help/advice!


  3. 1. Food is different for everyone. It is battle between one’s stomach and one need for calories…I struggle with that.

    2. I haven’t had this issue…I don’t know why. Maybe mine toughened up since I was a runner from a young age.

    3. They do staggered starts in “corrals” broken up by apparent finishing times. Faster people in the front.

    • Cool. Cheers!

      I’m hoping that as (if!) I lose more eight there’ll be less ‘flesh’ to move about, so chafing should be less of an issue! Maybe a bit hopeful…..

      i’ll start close to the back then. Probably sweating before I start!

  4. First off…way to go! 10 miles is a HUGE accomplishment!!!! Celebrate that!

    When I was doing my training for my first I also had the nipple issue, though no bleeding. As crazy as it sounds, I started placing band-aids over them before runs to keep them from rubbing against my shirts. That seemed to help. They eventually healed and I have been running band-aid free for months now.

    As far as food, there are tons of products out there and everyone uses different things. Gels are very popular. I like the cliff bar ones due to them being mostly organic. The main thing is test during your training, so that going into your race you have no doubts about how you might react to something you eat. I actually ran my first with nothing because I had never eaten while training.

    Also, not sure how your legs are holding up, but recently I have discovered a product called recoverite by hammer. You take it immediately after a long run and it really seems to help me recover for the next day.

    Best of luck in your training! You will dominate this run!

    • Cheers Kenny!

      I tried band aids, but they didn’t stay on for long (I tend to sweat a bit!). Vaseline has done wonders though, except when it rains apparently.

      My legs are usually ok, unless I sit down for a long period afterwards!

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