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Sunday night’s alright for fighting

Well, that’s another weekend out of the way!

Don’t they go by quickly?

On Saturday I managed to have three seperate meals at three different houses, none of which were mine! Free food and good company, score!

Sunday was spent lounging, for the most part. However, we did venture out in the evening to watch some ice hockey, which was great! Cardiff Devils played host to the Sheffield Steelers. The Devils ended up winning 5-4, which was nice. There were also a couple of good fights, which Cardiff seemed to come out on top of as well! They did appear to have one player whose sole spurpose was to come on for 30 seconds at a time, rough up the other team for a bit, then leave the rink again (either by swapping with another player, or by being sent from it by the referee!). Needless to say, he was my favourite!

I then stayed up far too late after becoming engrossed in an American football match (The Seattle Seahawks beat the SanFrancisco 49ers 31-6, in case you were interested!), so today I am mainly being tired!

How was yours?


Bleeding Love

Yesterday I encountered the most dreaded and feared of all ailments – Runner’s Nipple.

I’m not sure that this is an official term, but it does appear to be widely recognised! I ran 10.2 miles, which is the longest I’ve ever run. It was raining, to which I have attributed a large portion of the blame. I looked down after dashing through my imaginary finishing line to see a reddish circle beginning on my shirt. A bleeding nipple. I didn’t notice at the time as I was actually enjoying (I know!) the running. But as soon as I did it began to sting. Then hurt like buggery (not that I’d know) in the shower afterwards!

But regardless of me attaining this highly sought after emblem, I was very pleased with having run over 10 miles for the first time in my life. Ever. I appear to be on course to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in just under 6 weeks time. Barring injury, race-cancellation, or an escaped bear mauling me as I go through Bute Park, I should be ok to run it all.

This is no time for half-arsedness, dammit. I WILL do it!

A few question for you ‘runners’ out there:

1) Food. Should I be looking for some sort of energy thing to eat during the race? I felt quite hungry at about mile 7 yesterday, but I had only eaten 2 crumpets a couple of hours beforehand.

2) Does one’s nipple toughen up, or is it now a ‘weak spot’ that I need to take extra care with (as if I don’t take enough already!)?

3) There are apparently 15,000 people doing the race! How on earth does that work?!