A Welshman who went up a mountain and came down a river.

I spent the weekend being all sorts of active. This was however, balanced out by the eating of crap and the drinking of far too much beer!

We went to the Lake District to climb Scafell Pike. I enjoyed the climb, it was more challenging than Snowdon was last year, especially towards the end where there were large stones to negotiate and steep downhill & uphill climbs to conquer. I also made the special effort of taking some beer for us to enjoy as a celebration at the top!

On the sunday, we went ghyll scrambling. This is pretty much another way of saying, ‘get down this river by any means necessary’! Dressed in a wetsuit we took it in turns to swim, jump and ‘penguin dive’ our way down Stoneycroft Ghyll. It was such great fun, part exhillerating, part relaxing. Here I am mid-penguin dive:

I think a cape would have set the look off nicely!

Inevitably, this happened:

I say ‘inevitably’ not because of the activity, but because I bruise like a peach!

A great weekend, but one which is followed by the slump back to the mundane. Oh well, just have to work on making everyday life as exciting!

Bring on Ben Nevis next year!


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