Proper training (well nearly)

I noticed that I haven’t blogged about my running recently. Not sure why, I just figured that a lot of people might not find it too interesting!

I’m now only 9 weeks away from the Cardiff Half Marathon! I’ve been using the Nike+ 12 week training guide, which is good. Although I’m not sticking to it religiously. I am trying, but the all too common excuses (it’s raining, I’m tired, the day has a ‘y’ in it, etc) can get in the way.

I’ve done a 7 miler this week, along with a 5 miler that included some ‘tempo runs’, which just mean that you run a bit faster for a couple of minutes as far as I can tell! I’m definitely getting better and I’m far fitter than I used to be, although my diet hasn’t changed much.  But I would never have thought that I’d be anywhere close to being able to run 9 miles (my current longest run), so I’m chuffed!

Anyway, should any of you like to sponsor me there’s a button over there at the top right hand side that you can click and it’ll take you straight to my sponsor page. I’m running for the British Heart Foundation, which is a great charity. They helped my Dad a lot after he had a heart attack (18 months on and he’s going well. He even goes to the gym now!), so this is a ‘thank you and carry on the good work’ from me to them! I can well imagine that a few of my family, and maybe friends, will benefit from their help at some point in the future.

Anyway, I may be writing more about my running over the next few weeks, so be prepared!


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