Weekend come, weekend go

We went to a lovely wedding on the weekend, up in North Wales (that’s me and my wife in the photo, by the way! Hot isn’t she?). Fair old drive up which took us, including visits to various relatives, just about 12 hours. Long day! Stayed in a cracking hotel, with a great breakfast (usually the marker by which I judge hotels!), and a spa.

The wedding was brilliant, we got to sing a bit, which is always fun! Awesome best man’s speech, good ‘wedding breakfast’ (why they call it a breakfast when it’s served in the middle of the afternoon, I don’t know!) other than the waiter spilling gravy over my wife’s dress, which didn’t go down well.

Food over, cue the dancing! Lots of silly dancing, more drinking, birthday bumps to a friend at midnight (he did get dropped on his head, but did n’t seem to mind too much!), and finding receipts the next morning informing me that I was still up and buying beer at least until 3am! Good day all round!

This weekend involves my Godson’s 5th birthday party (which does involve a secret costume, but don’t worry, I’ll post pics afterwards!), a friend’s birthday drinks & food, and a trip to West Wales for cake & fizzy stuff on the beach for my sister in law’s birthday!

No rest for the wicked, eh?!

Oh, and before I forget, looks at my massive marrow!


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