I’m thinking that maybe I should start writing to some sort of schedule. Or perhaps to commit to writing here at least once a week or something. As it stands, I tend to write as and when something interesting happens, or maybe just to write that I am alive and to list all the non-interesting stuff that’s gone on! Maybe I’ll try themed days (like Fun Fridays!  Or TMI Thursday, or something).

Any ideas?

Anyway, not much has happened to me since last I wrote. I managed to run 8.5 miles, which was brilliant (not at the time, obviously, but afterwards!), and is good training for the half marathon in October. I’ve also been watching lots of football, which has also, coincidentally, been brilliant. Although both of my sweepstake teams (Greece & New Zealand) went out woefully early. Due to the lack of football on tv last night, My wife and I continued on our alphabetical journey through our DVD collection. We watched Delta Force. It was my wife’s first Chuck Norris film and, needless to say, she wasn’t overly impressed. What she actually said was ‘I think I prefer the football’, and she doesn’t really like football.

Anyway, any suggestions are gratefully received!


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