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Yer a Wizard, Aled…

This weekend, my wife & I have no plans.

Well, we have one plan.

We are going to sit and watch all of the Harry Potter films. As you (may) know, we are working our way through our DVD collection and we’ve reached ‘H’. Technically we’ve got The Graduate to get through as well, but we’ll sort that out tonight. So then we are going to watch all of the Harry Potter films, from this:


Aww, look at their little chubby faces! (Alan Rickman & Maggie Smith aside!)

To this:

Little more serious, eh Harry?

Which will be 902 minutes (15 hours & 2 minutes) of Potterific fun!

How about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?


There & Back Again

Well, I made it! Technically we only walked ‘there’, but we got back again!

60 miles in 4 days. Also, the total ascent was 3 times that which we covered when we climbed Snowdon last year!  So not too shabby!

First day was good. Other than me falling down a hole half an hour into the walk and bleeding, but these things happen, right? We’d already walked that part last year so we knew what lay ahead. Also, there was a pub quiz in the pub by the campsite – bonus! We came second to a rather large team of locals (as opposed to a team of rather large locals), which was good as there were only 3 of us.


Second day started off with a steep climb (technically it started in the pub, but only because it opened just as the Heavens did, honest!), then what was to be a fairly gentle, if long afternoon. Except it rained. Sideways. Because the wind was that bad too. At one point we stopped in a field to empty our boots out as they’d become that sodden that they were no longer absorbing water on the inside and just being squelchy, there were actual pools in the bottom of them! But we got to another nice campsite (next to a slightly less nice pub) and camped up. We had made it to Devon!

Third day began with a fry up in the campsite cafe. Then went very similarly to the previous day. Nice in the morning, rain in the afternoon. Except that we had a lot more distance to cover. We finally got to the campsite at 9.45pm and realised that it (especially the “shower”/toilet block) resembled a scene from a teen slasher flick. No lights, dodgy liquid running down the walls and a few big, crazy sounding dogs on chains. Nice. After a quick tent set-up in the rain, we went straight to bed, mainly as we were in the middle of nowhere and there were no pubs around!

On the final day, one of our team decided not to continue as his feet had taken too much damage and he was struggling. Which was a fair point. He caught a bus to our final destination, while the remaining two continued with the walk. It was a straightforward day – couple of pubs, lots of walking, massive sense of achievement at the end!

This was all to get to our friend’s field so that we could party in his field for the weekend for his birthday!

After 5 days of camping I had nightmares last night about tents. I’m sure these will stop soon. Please…

This week…

I am going for a long walk. So this is the last time I’ll be looking as unsweaty as this:

Until I get back!

 Three of us are off on a wander through Devon, culminating in a 2 day party in my friend’s field for his birthday.

We’re starting off on Tuesday with a lovely train then bus ride to Watchet, which is the starting poing of our journey. 60 (ish) miles and four days later we will hopefully be at our friend’s farm ready to party (or fall asleep/have a wash/need medical attention)! I’m sure there will be plenty of pub visits, blisters, sore bodies, and drunkenness to report on upon my return!

Until then friends, enjoiy yourselves!


I’m thinking that maybe I should start writing to some sort of schedule. Or perhaps to commit to writing here at least once a week or something. As it stands, I tend to write as and when something interesting happens, or maybe just to write that I am alive and to list all the non-interesting stuff that’s gone on! Maybe I’ll try themed days (like Fun Fridays!  Or TMI Thursday, or something).

Any ideas?

Anyway, not much has happened to me since last I wrote. I managed to run 8.5 miles, which was brilliant (not at the time, obviously, but afterwards!), and is good training for the half marathon in October. I’ve also been watching lots of football, which has also, coincidentally, been brilliant. Although both of my sweepstake teams (Greece & New Zealand) went out woefully early. Due to the lack of football on tv last night, My wife and I continued on our alphabetical journey through our DVD collection. We watched Delta Force. It was my wife’s first Chuck Norris film and, needless to say, she wasn’t overly impressed. What she actually said was ‘I think I prefer the football’, and she doesn’t really like football.

Anyway, any suggestions are gratefully received!