Happy running

I ran a 10k race today! The Llanelli Waterside 10k to be exact. Being as I had an exam last week, I hadn’t been running properly for a good few weeks. So I wasn’t feeling too confident about it and lowered my aim to try and run it all rather than aiming for a time. I have, however, run enough to realise how much of an influence my mind has over my ability to run (or to do anything in that case!). So I decided that I would be able to do it. And do it I did! I thoroughly enjoyed it, did a bit of a sprint finish, and crossed the line with a massive smile on my face and with a celebratory ‘hands in the air’ jump! I finished in the respectable time of 1 hour and 3 minutes.  

Here I am at around the 8k mark:  

Then we had a picnic. Amazing!    


 So I’ve had a wonderful day!

Two things, requests, if you will:

1) If you ever go and watch people run a race, cheer them on. Cheer everyone on. It is such a wonderful lift and helps so much, even coming from strangers.

2) You can do so much more, push yourself so much further, than you think you can right now. Believe in yourself. Your brain can do wonderful things, try to make sure they’re positive things most of the time!

That’s all for now you wonderful people! Now go and look forward to Monday like you do to Fridays, it is another day and you can do with it whatever you wish!




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