Catching up

Well, it’s been a fair old while since my last post. I’ve mainly been revising for the exam last Thursday so I haven’t got much to share!

First off, was the exam, I suppose. It’s done. I won’t get the results until the middle of August, by which time I will have forgotten about having sat the exam and be really confused when I get an email telling me I’ve failed something! Not particularly confident about it. If I’ve passed it will be because I got all the calculations right and they believed most of my babbling ‘discussion’ sections! But at least it’s out of the way now.

The day after the exam I was whisked away in a ‘mini coach’ to Manchester on a friend’s stag weekend!  Lots of drinking (obviously); being shouted at and made to do fitness tests & an assault course by an ex-marine; rifle-shooting; more drinking; football-watching; football-playing; and LOTS of hangovers & bruises!

Here I am looking rather sophisticated drinking a rum & coke:


And here I am looking slightly less sophisticated drinking my pint from the top of a stack of plastic pint ‘glasses’:


There were 70 of them, which were mostly consumed during the match between 8 of us. Not bad going!

So I am currently in work, on lunch, watching New Zealand play Slovakia on the BBC website while writing this. I ache a lot and have a lot of bruises to show from the weekend. But it was great fun!


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