The Great Tie Debacle

‘When I pass people in the hall at work, I get totally ZEN right in everyone’s hostile little FACE’, Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

I am wearing a tie today. I also wore one yesterday. I don’t usually wear ties to the office. I used to, but then the ‘dress code’ got gradually more relaxed and so smart-ish trousers and a shirt of some description seem to become de rigeur. I usually opt for brown cords. Exciting, I know. Sometimes I revert back to wearing your classic black ‘work trousers’, especially if the others are in the wash. When I do this, I feel that a shirt and tie combo work well with it, so I sometimes opt for this. For some reason, this causes much concern in the office, with remarks varying from the casually intrigued:

‘You’re looking very smart today, Aled’

To the downright accusatory:

‘Got an interview?’

Wearing a tie for 2 days in a row appears to really freak people out. They seem rather confused and almost afraid to ask what’s going on.

They don’t appear to like it.

I do.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll come in just a gold thong.


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