‘I’m contemplating thinking about thinking. It’s overrated, just get another drink in.’ Robbie Williams, Come Undone

 I sometimes find that when I think, I don’t tend to get any happier. I think, and then I find flaws, despite being a naturally optimistic person. So maybe not thinking is the way to go. However, I may have just come to that conclusion by actually thinking a bit about it. So maybe the way forward is to think about things, then come to the conclusion that not thinking about them would have been best in the first place. Perhaps I’m not thinking enough about things for me to get a satisfactory epiphany. Maybe pushing past the flaws and basking in truth found is the path to joy.

Or maybe I should just get another drink in.

Welcome to my mind.


One response to “Thoughts

  1. This makes so much sense to me … somehow :/

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