The Island

Hello Sunday evening, my old friend. Turning up to steal time and then buggering off without helping to clear up after the party.

I’ve just come back from a lovely weekend in the Isle of Wight, staying with a former housemate. We sat, drank a lot of tea, even more wine, a fair bit of beer, and a couple of whisky macs. In between bouts of drinking, we went to some botanical gardens; had ice cream on the beach; went to 3 Wetherspoons (I like to visit new ones when I get the opportunity); saw a lizard; had 2 fried breakfasts; laughed a lot; sang a bit; danced on the sofa somewhat; and had a bit of a late night YouTube Djing session. Though not necessarily in that order. We then met up with friends in Bristol on the way home for a bit of a catch up. Cracking stuff.

(Yes, that is me singing into an empty wine bottle. I rule.)

It’s experiences, not stuff that makes life great.


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