My weekend

Wasn’t that a lovely weekend?

Friday night I went to watch my good friend Ross Gurney sing in Kitty Flynn’s in Cardiff. This is also where I tried Brains Black for the first time (It’s not too dissimilar to Guinness, in case you were interested).

Saturday I went and did the Cardiff Park Run again. I beat my personal best by over a minute! Also, probably more exciting, I managed to beat the small boy (I’d guess he’s about 8 or 9) who has beaten me the past two times I’ve run! I know, it does get rather worrying when a nine year old boy is your nemesis. Saturday afternoon we walked up Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny. The weather was beautiful and my wife had packed cracking sandwiches for us to enjoy at the top! This is what it looks like at the top:


(It doesn’t look like that all the time, you understand. I’m not always sitting on the trig point.)

Sunday morning was spent in the sun-soaked garden. Me, digging, hoeing, and turning the vegetable patch; My wife pottering with, well, pots. We then went to Porthcawl:


We helped move a piano, stopped for a quick pint in a pub overlooking the sea, came back, and unloaded the piano:


Which was a little tricky, but hugely satisfying once we’d moved it in, onto its side, back onto its wheels (after learning that it still wouldn’t go through the living room door on its side), through the kitchen, in to the back garden, and back in through the back patio doors! It was like ‘Large Musical Instrument Krypton Factor’! We then got chips on the way home; I had a glass of wine, did the crossword, watched a little golf (and Desperate Housewives which I don’t pretend to follow) and went to bed.

How about you?


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