Do not talk about running

Yesterday, I found out about a regular running event which takes place across the country every Saturday morning – The Park Run. They are free, timed 5k runs over the UK (and one in Denmark, randomly). It’s not for charity, just for people to run regularly and have the feel of a ‘race’ without the pressure, I guess. It was a strange feeling driving there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But as I pulled into the Tesco car park (the run starts on the Taff Trail just next to it) I spotted others in running gear doing the same. If you’re ever in Tesco on Western Avenue between 8.30 and 9am on a Saturday keep an eye out for a steady stream of people in running gear wandering in to use the toilets! As I came out of Tesco I passed a couple on their way in. We nodded, exchanged a quiet ‘Alright’. It was almost like a running equivalent of Fight Club (that’s what I’m saying and I’m sticking to it, hence the title). The run itself was fairly uneventful. There were runners of all shapes & sizes taking part and I chided myself for underestimating some and overestimating others. You really can’t judge a book by its cover. There was a good atmosphere and some very good runners too who hung about by the finish line to cheer on those further back, which was lovely. There wasn’t much organisation needed, a couple of ‘marshals’ at certain points on the course; some tiny cones to show us where to turn around; and a handy ‘200m to go’ sign (at which point I started my T1000-esque sprint towards the line). But it didn’t need anything else. Its simplicity was wonderful. You do have to register online beforehand (which takes seconds) and then bring your barcode along for them to match your time up with you, which saves time on them trawling through paper for your name. Other than that, it’s just ‘turn up and run’.

For those interested in stats, here are mine:

Time taken: 27m 59s

114th out of 157 overall

88th out of 96 men

Last in my age range (25 – 29 males)

It doesn’t look great when you write it down like that, does it? But maybe I’ll try again next week and see if I can do a little better.


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