It’s all about me…


Ok, I feel we’ve got to know each other quite well by now. Actually, I have no idea who’s been clicking on to my blog (apart from Steve who left a comment – Cheers dude!), but I’m going to tell you some more stuff about myself that is less ‘generic’! 

1. Today, I watched Rocky for the first time (I’m 28 next week). Yes, it is a classic. Yes, I should’ve seen it before and I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t up until now!  

2. I liked Steps. I was disappointed when they split up. There, I’ve said it.  

3. I also like Dirty Dancing & Pretty Woman. They were the only films my sister & I could ever agree on watching (on video, remember those?!) when in the house at the same time when we were younger.  

4. I am highly logical most of the time and don’t understand when people don’t understand reasoning.  

5. I think The Beatles are/were overrated.  

6. I have no particular affiliation with any political party. Whoever is in power will be berated for some aspect of their tenure. The major parties are not that different anymore. However, it does annoy me when people’s views are so one-sided and when this is based on how their parents, community, or they have always voted.  

7. Chuck Norris, John Wayne, Meatloaf, and Ieuan Evans are legends.  

8. If I miss the first episode of a series, I tend not to watch them at all, even if I think they’re going to be amazing. Hence why I’ve never seen any of Lost or 24.  

9. I don’t believe in astrology (How can one sign represent one twelfth of the population?), however I do appear to be a typical Piscean, albeit with a little more adventure in my soul.  

10. I enjoy maths and maps. Both please me greatly.  


3 responses to “It’s all about me…

  1. I think the Beatles are ridiculously overrated!

    I like maps too 🙂

  2. And I’ll never know how Ringo managed to marry Barbara Bach (my favourite Bond girl!)!

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