Saturday running

Inspired by a post on Nerd Fitness (which I think is awesome and if you are a bit of a nerd and are trying to get fit, you really should visit!), each time I do some training for the half marathon in October, I try to either go faster, or longer. So I’m trying to run 5km faster each time on the treadmill on Mondays (so far, I’ve got to 27m 42s). Wednesdays I do something similar, but with different distances or times. Saturdays, I do a ‘long run’. So yesterday I went out to try and better my current best distance of 7km. I managed to do 8km in 47m 36s, which I was thrilled about. That’s 5 miles don’t you know! I really enjoyed it, oddly enough! I got tired after about 300 yards (as is usually the case!), but I don’t get much more tired until quite a while after. So as long as I remember that, I’m fine! There was also a bit of a hill (I’m not good with running up hills) at the 6km mark and I thought that’d be it for me. But I straightened up afterwards, got back into my stride and smiled for the last 1.5km! Brilliant.

Also, it turns out that my Six Nations predictions aren’t very good so far. Only 1 out of 3, so I wouldn’t rely on me for any betting tips if I were you!


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