Monthly Archives: January 2010

Saturday running

I am training to do the Cardiff half marathon in October. I signed up last October, having been inspired by two of my good friends running it then. I had to sign up then because a) if I hadn’t, I probably still wouldn’t have started training for it and b) I really need this long to get me ready!

So I’ve been running 3 times a week (apart from over Christmas, which is thoroughly excuseable, right?!) since. my longest run so far is 7km on Monday in 41 minutes, which I was overjoyed about. This morning I had to do my third run of the week after not getting round to it yesterday. I didn’t want to. But the hardest part of running is always putting your shoes on and getting out the door. So i did it. I ran 4km, which is a convenient distance for me, being from my door, round the block, and back to my door again. It took me 22m 30s, which i was pleased about. It seemed hard at the time, and my form wasn’t great, but at least i did it!

I am still very much a novice runner, still learning, so any comments or tips are very welcome!


Lunchtime ice-skating!

For some unknown reason, an ice rink has been erected in our workplace car park. Yes, you read that right. So we had a go on it. It’s not often you get to skate at lunchtime!

A little bit more…

Ok, here’s some more about me:

I enjoy enjoying life. I am married and we have 2 cats, Evie & Grace. I love sport and will watch pretty much any type unless I have something better to do. Specificaly I support Liverpool (football/soccer), Wales (rugby. Historically, I support the Scarlets, but I like watching all the Welsh teams nowadays). I have Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants American football shirts, but have no particular affinity for either (although no doubt I’d support them if I watched them, but mainly because I already have the shirts!). I like walking, especially up big hills, and sometimes going for really long walks for no apparent reason. Music I like includes: Elvis, Meatloaf, Steps (Yes, I know), most 80’s rock, Oasis, Green Day, a bit of classical, and a lot besides. My favourite films are: High Fidelity, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, 28 Days Later, James Bond films generally, and a lot besides! I’ve recently started running and have signed up to do the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. As soon as I post this, I will think of something else to tell you too that I forgot about!


My first Blog

In the words of Dr. Nick, ‘Hi Everybody!’.

This is my blog.

I’m not going to commit to writing about one topic or theme. But I would imagine that I’ll be writing about (not exclusively!): Me; sport; food; drink; my attempt to run a half marathon in October (I’ll keep you updated of my training, I’m sure!); and lots of randomness.

I hope you enjoy.